Build Up, Inc. supports social change led by brave women and leaders of color. We give you the infrastructure and capacity to help you change the world.

Who We Are

We are a Capacity Builder.

Build Up, Inc. is a public charity that operates as a fiscal sponsor and capacity builder providing brave women and Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC)-led nonprofit start-ups, organizations, networks, and collectives that support under-resourced and historically invisibilized communities with the needed infrastructure and capacity. Build Up, Inc.’s sponsorship of projects and ideas encourages innovation and creativity, requiring projects and ideas that attempt to positively change or impact the world.

We bring creative solutions to some of the world’s most complex problems and are intrigued by ways to support nascent, growing, and brave projects.

We are the only fiscal sponsor founded by a Black woman who has been responsible for grant and organizational structuring at philanthropies with grant-making budgets of over $100 million, outside counsel to foundations, NGOs, and charities, and has held positions of general counsel, senior program lead, and senior operations director in philanthropies, and the position of in-house counsel in a public charity. BUI's culturally competent approach is informed by our Founder's lived experience.

We are uniquely positioned to help create, design, and implement change and build capacity.

This brave, strategic, solution-oriented approach is our Brave Infrastructure Design®. Build Up, Inc.’s work is governed by a Board of Directors, which has deep expertise in the social impact and nonprofit sectors. Our Board is extremely knowledgeable about project incubation, fiscal intermediaries, and international and domestic grant making. Our Board is comprised of all Black women.

Build Up, Inc. was incorporated in August 2016. It is a New Jersey nonprofit corporation, and is a public charity, tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Tax Code.

Build Up, Inc. is a member of the network of Build Up Companies, a federated group of companies formed by A. Nicole Campbell to bravely facilitate and support social and economic change and equity around the world.

If you would like to explore how Build Up, Inc. can support your growth, schedule a complimentary Discovery Call with us today.

Vision and Mission

Build Up, Inc. is not a traditional fiscal sponsor. We offer guidance and tools to disrupt some of the disparities that women and BIPOC-led projects face. We are invested in the innovative and brave work of women and BIPOC-led projects, which are at the forefront of efforts to bring about socio-economic change and equity by drawing on their communities’ traditions of cooperation, mutual aid, and sustainability. We build deep relationships with our sponsored projects and provide culturally relevant support to increase their impact.


Build Up, Inc. is a public charity that acts as a fiscal sponsor for women and BIPOC-led organizations that are committed to improving the well-being of historically marginalized communities. Build Up, Inc. serves as a convenor and connector to these organizations, and provides capacity building resources to enable organizational growth and sustained impact.


Build Up, Inc.’s vision is to facilitate and support brave women and BIPOC leaders who seek socioeconomic change and equity and to ensure that historically vulnerable communities are removed from the margins.

We exist because...

  • There are systemic barriers faced by women and BIPOC-led projects, and in particular grassroots organizations, that seek to support historically invisibilized communities.
  • Women and BIPOC-led projects regularly face limited access to capacity and resources.
  • There is a historical lack of support for brave and innovative approaches for supporting historically invisibilized communities.

Build Up, Inc. offers three primary ways to support work led by women and BIPOC leaders - providing fiscal sponsorship, providing capacity building, and serving as a convenor and connector.

Fiscal Sponsorship

  • We provide integral support to organizations and projects in need of infrastructure.
  • We offer both Comprehensive (Model A) and Pre-Approved Grant (Model C) fiscal sponsorship.
  • Our comprehensive suite of services includes legal, financial management (budgeting and decision-making, booking and accounting, and tax/regulatory compliance), organizational design, strategic planning, program development, and human resources (payroll and benefits administration).
  • We work in every program area, with a focus on public health, criminal justice, education, women’s rights, economic advancement, equality, democracy, and human rights.
  • We work with projects effecting change all over the world.
  • For each sponsored project, we always conduct extensive due diligence before providing any service and ensure compliance with applicable tax and other laws and regulations throughout the life of the project or engagement.

Capacity Building

  • We work with individuals, organizations, and movements to design and strengthen charitable projects.
  • We operationalize and scale concepts, design project strategy and outcomes, and build up projects from inception through operation.
  • We provide several capacity-building resources, including full benefits of Build Up, Inc.’s membership services and peer networks, tailored training that caters to the ongoing needs of our sponsored projects, our in-house library of resources, monthly strategic calls, and weekly office hours.

Convenor and Connector

  • We bring together people, foundations, social enterprises, corporations, and governance to share and develop ideas to advance equitable and inclusive fiscal sponsorship.
  • We cultivate a space for our sponsored projects to share with each other key organizational development and strategy learnings. Our resource library also offers a chance for them to engage.

Projects We Support

We are a proud fiscal sponsor of brave projects.

Build Up, Inc. is a fiscal sponsor that seeks to engage with brave sponsored projects engaging in exciting and forward-driving activities that seek to enact sustained, meaningful change alongside often invisibilized communities. Below is a list of our sponsored projects. Check back often as we continue to grow.

Apply to Become a Build Up, Inc. Sponsored Project

Becoming a project of Build Up, Inc. means ongoing support, coaching, and infrastructure capacity building.

It is important that Build Up, Inc. and its sponsored projects share core values and objectives. We are one of the only fiscal sponsors that place women of color in the conversation about socio-economic change at the highest levels and sponsor projects that aim to do the same. Therefore, before applying to become a project with Build Up, Inc, please review and confirm you meet the following criteria:

  • Braveness: Your project is proposing critical socio-economic change for historically marginalized or vulnerable and under-resourced communities in a manner that requires those communities to be at the forefront of the conversations that are about them. To that end, your project actively demands and supports inclusive leadership, particularly leadership that centers BIPOC leaders and women as well as meaningful representation from the communities your work seeks to serve.
  • Charitability: The overall structure and work of your project is geared towards benefiting the general public, particularly towards the benefit of vulnerable or historically marginalized communities.
  • Capacity Building Support: You are willing to join our community of learning to build your capacity in order to be sustainable. We do not require projects to receive minimum contributions, but we ask that you be willing to build your organizational capacity to reach your funding goals.
  • Product-Community Fit: Similar to the start-up measurement commonly referred to as “product-market fit” that examines how well a company’s product actually aligns with the market it seeks to serve, the measurement of product-community fit analyzes the degree to which the organization’s product/service actually fits within and is in service to the community’s needs. Your project provides community-driven solutions to the problem you are seeking to address. You understand and appreciate the histories, cultures, and strengths of the communities in which you work, and you utilize this knowledge to inform all of your work.

If you satisfy these criteria, we invite you to apply for sponsorship with Build Up, Inc. and join the Build Up Companies community. Click the button below to submit your application and we will set up a discovery call with you to discuss your incubation and sponsorship needs.

Change The World

Donations to Build Up, Inc. help support the capacity building of brave, transformational work.

With your generous support, Build Up, Inc. is able to keep its administrative fees low and retain an exceptional team to support its projects. Thank you for helping us create positive social and economic change for at-risk communities, which, as we know, ultimately changes the world.

Build Up, Inc. is a U.S. public charity, tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. tax code. Donations to Build Up, Inc. are fully tax deductible, as permitted by law.

I love using my legal training and expertise to help brave philanthropists, philanthropies, and nonprofits build capacity so they have the ability to transform outcomes for vulnerable communities and interrupt cycles of injustice and inequity. If you think bravely, we can help you change the world.

A. Nicole Campbell
A. Nicole Campbell

A. Nicole Campbell - Founder, Build Up Companies

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