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Welcome to the Nonprofit Build Up, hosted by A. Nicole Campbell. Discover insights from nonprofit and philanthropy leaders about assessing and building better organizational infrastructure, programmatic strategies, and challenging traditional sector approaches on how to support some of the world’s most vulnerable communities.

Build Up, Inc.’s Black-led Fiscal Sponsorship with Amanda Nasinyama, Ajani Husbands, and A. Nicole Campbell

By buildupcompanies / November 16, 2023

In this week’s episode of Nonprofit Build Up, we share part one of a two part episode, “Build Up, Inc.’s Black-led Fiscal Sponsorship” where Nic speaks with Amanda Nasinyama, Director of Strategic Initiatives, and Ajani Husbands, Vice President of Strategic Planning and Senior Counsel, of Build Up Companies, working with…

Re-envisioning the Way We Work in the Nonprofit Sector with Cassie Haynes and Jean Friedman-Rudovsky

By buildupcompanies / October 5, 2023

In this week’s episode of Nonprofit Build Up, “Re-envisioning the Way We Work in the Nonprofit Sector,” Nic speaks with Cassie Haynes, former Co-Executive Director and Co Founder of Resolve Philly, and Jean Friedman- Rudovsky, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Resolve Philly, whose work centers on improving how misrepresented communities…

Nonprofit Sector, Reimagined with Vu Le

By buildupcompanies / September 28, 2023

In this week’s episode of the Nonprofit Build Up, “The Nonprofit Sector, Reimagined”, Nic speaks with Vu Le, Founder of the Nonprofit AF blog, which focuses on nonprofit hot topics for nonprofit leaders. Tune in to this episode to hear Nic and Vu speak candidly about the philanthropic sector, including…

Investing in Systems Change for Sustainable Impact with Geoffrey Canada (RECAST)

By anscampbell / April 27, 2023

On this recast of the Nonprofit Build Up, we’re talking with Geoffrey Canada. Geoff is a leading advocate for children and an innovator in the field of education. He created the Harlem Children’s Zone, a birth-through-college network of programs that today serves more than 13,000 low-income students and families in a…

Demanding Equity in Fiscal Sponsorship with Thaddeus Squire and Asta Petkeviciute (RECAST)

By anscampbell / April 13, 2023

On this recast of the Nonprofit Build Up, Nic talks with Asta Petkeviciute and Thaddeus Squire of Social Impact Commons (SIC). Social Impact Commons is a nonprofit organization created to meet the evolving needs of the fiscal sponsorship community. SIC is building the first national network and community of practice,…