About Build Up Companies

Who We Are

The Build Up Companies are a federated group of companies comprised of Build Up Advisory Group, The Campbell Law Firm, and Build Up, Inc., focused on transforming life outcomes for vulnerable and historically marginalized communities.

We are also the only federation of companies founded by a Black woman who has been an advisor to two of the world’s most prominent philanthropists, outside counsel to foundations, NGOs, and charities, and held positions of general counsel, in-house counsel, senior program lead, senior operations director in philanthropies, and the position of in-house counsel in a public charity. Our culturally competent approach to the work is informed by our Founder's lived experience.

  • Build Up Advisory Group is an advisory firm that specializes in strengthening governance, grant making, and organizational structuring for brave philanthropists, philanthropies, movements, and nonprofit organizations to provide them with the structural capacity to deliver on their missions to help effect socio-economic change. We are the only Black woman-founded firm focused exclusively on social sector infrastructure design.
  • The Campbell Law Firm is a social-impact law firm that serves as a trusted in-house legal advisor to, assesses equitable grant-making structures and processes, and formalizes concepts into exempt entities for brave grant-making nonprofits, movements, philanthropies, philanthropists, and ultra high net worth individuals to disrupt cycles of injustice and inequity. We are the only Black women-founded social impact law firm focused exclusively on the nonprofit sector.
  • Build Up, Inc. is a public charity that operates as a fiscal sponsor and capacity builder providing women and BIPOC-led nonprofit start-ups, organizations, networks, and collectives that support under-resourced and invisibilized communities with the needed infrastructure, learning, and capacity.

We do not believe in business as usual and strive to be brave enough to truly be risk takers, be creative in ways others are afraid to be, and approach philanthropy with a unique and fresh perspective. We are uniquely situated to support innovation in technically sound and innovative ways. As a result, we are clear and deliberate in all of our engagements.

This brave, strategic, solution-oriented approach is the foundation of our Brave Infrastructure Design® advisory services.

Our Founder has advised two of the world’s most prominent philanthropists and has built the capacity of nonprofit organizations all over the world. All of our advisors are practicing attorneys with years of practical in-house nonprofit and operational experience. So, we do not just talk about infrastructure design; we live and breathe it. Our approach across the Build Up Companies reflects this practice.

The Build Up Companies Team

We are a group of nonprofit specialists with decades of programmatic, legal, governance, and operations experience. Our senior leadership team has held leadership and governance positions in prominent national and international foundations, nonprofit organizations, and the gpvernment.

A. Nicole Campbell

Founder, CEO, and Managing Attorney

Ajani Husbands

Vice President of Strategic Planning and Senior Counsel

Amanda Nasinyama

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Andre Barkholz

Associate Consultant

Chioma Sophia Amaechi

Program Associate

Chloe Chiuminatto

Finance Manager

Christine Kuntz

Senior Engagement Advisor

Daphnee Saget Woodley

Vice President of Strategic Innovation and Senior Counsel

Hayley Smith

Vice President of Strategic Impact and Principal

Jenna Markowitz

Senior Engagement Advisor

Jennifer Mora

Operations Associate

Katy Thompson

Director of Global Operations and Culture

Leah Moore

Vice President of Strategic Design and Senior Counsel

Liz Silberstein

Vice President of Strategic Growth and Senior Counsel

Matt Chatelain

Legal Associate

Matt Trudeau

Legal Associate

Sarah Taglianetti

Lead of People and Culture

Stefanie Wong

Executive Portfolio Manager

Build Up, Inc. Board of Directors

Build Up, Inc. is governed by a highly committed Board of Directors, comprised of experts from different industries and fields. The Board reviews each project being considered for sponsorship or incubation and must approve the project before it can be adopted by Build Up, Inc.

A. Nicole Campbell

Founding President, Build Up Inc.

Aleesha Taylor

Board Secretary | Principal, Herald Advisors

Jerneeka T. Sams

Director | Associate Director, Talent, Publicis Media

Sandra Sandifer

Treasurer | Controller of US Operations, Open Society Foundations

Our Clients

We work with clients interested in bravely effecting social and economic change all over the world, with a focus on the Caribbean, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the United States, including:


Nonprofits (NGOs)

Our clients include public charities, fiscally sponsored projects, community foundations, and social welfare organizations. Our community foundation clients tend to have net assets between US$10M and US$30M and a staff size of between 15 and 70 people.

Our other nonprofit clients tend to have net assets between US$1M and US$6M and a staff size of between 7 and 25 people.


We work with corporate, family, and independent foundations and other grant-making entities.

Our philanthropy clients tend to have net assets of at least US$100M and a staff of under 75 people.


We work with individuals and families who are new or experienced philanthropists, and with donor collaboratives effecting change globally.

Our expertise is working with philanthropists who are hedge fund founders, elite athletes, or artists.

Music To Our Ears

We are honored to support the brave work of the organizations and individuals with whom we work and even more honored to hear about how they have experienced us.